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Mcoplus Handheld stabilizer B  MP-SC03

Product Features:

  • Professional head: full PTZ precision CNC process, there is no full-colored anodized die-cast parts, the appearance of finedefect. Quick release plate with anti-lock device pull-out double to prevent the slide quick release plate, the bottom of the pan stainless steel guide shafts, high-precision machining, brass threaded shaft, wear resistance, good lubricity.
  • Connect part: unique seat design, double reinforcement function. Peer only fixed with glue, there are security risks.
  • Carbon fiber handle: aluminum material handle, sponge handle a variety to choose from . quick triple screw locking system design, you can just easily retractable rotating, all aviation aluminum alloy, carbon oxidation, wear tough.
  • Max height: 72cm
    Min height: 40cm