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When you shooting video with your DSLR camera or camcorder,soft lighting with affect your effect,this LED video light is the perfect 
solution for your problem.for white cool color series LE-420A/520A/720A/920,you can manual or use wireless remote control to adjust the led lighgt brightness.for Bi-color series LE-420B/520B/720B/920B,not only brightness adjustable,but also color temperature 3200k to 7500k adjusted.this led light compatible with sony NP-F series and flexible design 15V DC power consume double or mutli light combine used.simple design,easy use,low power consume,it is your prefect shooting partner.
This LED video light support external power,to make the LED light work continuously longer,use 15V==5A battery adapter.the lithium power source will cut off automatically when use DC adapter. It can intelligent cool fan.turn the cool fan switch on,the LED light can heat dissipation .this product is equipped with intelligent color tem perature control procedure,so it can operrate automatically when the LED light is over-heating.

1. 2.4Ghz wireless remote control,no affected by angle and light source.
2. 4 separate channels,control LED light switch,brightness and color temperture by separate group.
3.Use professional LED driving technology,no ripple and stroboflash.
4.Use digital code brightness dimming adjusted technology,accurate,smoothness,steady dimming.
5.Digital LCD display,vivid function and output display.
6.Support check two batteries power consume separately.
7.LE-420A/520A/720A/920A whilte cool color series,support brightness adjusted.
8.LE-420B/520B/720B/920B Bi-color series,support brightness and color temperature adjusted.multi light combine use can reach difference brightness.
9.Support 15V DC adatper,you can use this LED light full day.
10.4:3 widescreen design,more light coverage.
11.LED lamp technology,low power consume,ennergy conservation and environmental protection,accurate color temperture.
12.Intelligent fan,overheating protection.

Item Including:
LED light x 1
Remote control x 1
Whilte diffuser x 1
Orang diffuser x 1 
Handgrip x 1
User Manual x 1
Battery adapter x 1